About The Chintels School

The imposing edifice of The Chintels School, laid by Ms. Anurag Vij in 2016, defines the child’s first decision, his first feel of the sense of responsibility, his achievement, his failure and his first lesson of perseverance, it nestles the challenge of nurturing individual talents along with developing character, academic excellence, leadership and emotional well being.

With a fully air-conditioned campus, the school provides technology-enabled classrooms, well- equipped Laboratories, Dance and Music Studios, a humongous Sports ground with a Skating rink and courts for Basketball, Badminton, Hockey, and Football.

At Chintels, with the motto of "Always More, Always Better" of Jyoti (Light), Preeti (Love), Shanti (Peace) and Neeti (Justice), we strive to make this journey of our children a valuable learning experience, by providing them a platform to come out of their shell, to learn & bloom. With hard work, grit and courage, we are continuously moving ahead, adding new feathers to our cap with each passing day….. hoping to produce leaders who will take on the responsibility with utmost courage to be the instruments of change!!


Our teaching philosophy is based upon our understanding that all our students:

  • Love to inquire and discover
  • Learn effectively through highly engaging, interactive, challenging learning experiences, in and outside the classroom
  • Best absorb information as a bi-product of practicing skills
  • Thrive on a wide range of teaching methodologies have distinct skills that require assessment through different methods
  • Thrive on encouragement and on absence of the fear of failure

The beautiful relationship between the students and the school can be summed up as...

"First of all, we stand steadfast for our students and later, our students stand tall for us!"

Each faculty member of the Chintels School takes absolute care of the students in all their endeavours. They impart educational lessons in the most friendly and comfortable environment to help the children grasp easily and gain more. The school prides itself on its teaching and learning process which is a unique amalgamation of the 21 st century skills required for the holistic development of the students so that they can contribute to the progress and development of the society, nation and the world.

Idyllically situated amidst verdant green surroundings, the school delivers holistic education to its students. The dimensions of the school’s performance as a hub of education are vast. The school nurtures esoteric thinkers, sagacious writers and philosophers in its vast, extensive library, its lectern gives stage to the most charismatic orators, budding scientists sharpen their acumen in its well-equipped laboratories, its music rooms foster the voices of tomorrow, flying feet reach the zenith in its dance hall, aspiring sports-stars scrupulously train in its fields and budding artists master their strokes in its art studio! The school’s magnificence reflects in the laurels that its students earn each year in numerous precincts.

The school aims at teaching its students to strike the right balance in their life—its excellent orators bagging awards in dance competitions, and its aspiring sports stars scoring remarkably well in academics bear testimony to this fact. Our students never cease to amaze us with their superlative abilities to produce extraordinary work! Our vision after all is to actualize a glorious battalion of splendid students who carry forward the legacy and grandeur of the school in the form of their deeds and achievements in life.